It Tastes Like Love
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It Tastes Like Love - Pure Pies


It Tastes Like Love - Pure Pies

It Tastes Like Love!™
  is the brainchild of Harriett Barry, a former marketing executive who has turned her love of quality baking into a popular business. 

“Throughout my years as a businesswoman and then as a mom, I found that cooking and baking really good food was the best stress therapy for me,” Harriett says.  “Cooking – especially baking – is always a wonderful, edible chemistry lesson.  Any food that we put in our mouths should be a fantastic sensory experience.”

Harriett creates those sensory experiences now with her new line of classic artisan pies.  Formed in 2008, It Tastes Like Love!™ percolated as an idea among Harriett and her friends until a suitable kitchen was located for production in Burr Ridge.  Commercially licensed in September 2009, It Tastes Like Love!™ began selling at the Burr Ridge Farmers’ Market and became an instant hit.

“Every time I sampled a pie flavor I sold out of those pies the same day.  I was especially gratified to discover that many customers who came after the first week had been told to ‘Visit the pie lady; she has great pies!’  Many of my current customers were introduced to It Tastes Like Love!™ at the Farmers’ Market and continue to order.”

It Tastes Like Love!™ has also delivered quantities of its pie-lettes to facilities holding events where the attendees appreciated having several dessert options.  From teacher luncheons to retiree outings, pie-lettes from It Tastes Like Love!™ have impressed and satisfied customer after customer.

Made fresh from scratch with no additives or preservatives, It Tastes Like Love!™ artisan pies live up to their name.  “Customers taste the difference in our pies and just refuse to buy a pie from anywhere else.  I tell them that It Tastes Like Love!™ is going to turn them into official  ‘pie snobs’ just like my family members!  That’s because we really care about each and every pie that goes out through our doors.”




It Tastes Like Love - Pure Pies